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Automatic/Electrical Garage Doors

A majority of homeowners are installing automated garage doors due to their convenience. First, they offer various options to choose from and an increased level of security.
However, just like any other machine, the automated garage door can become faulty and cause frustrating circumstances.

Having a professional you can easily call to fix your electrical garage door at any moment is worthwhile.

 Armor Garage Door Repairs is the best place to go when you need garage door maintenance and repair services.

Our reputable garage door mechanics will ensure you get the best service.

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Garage Door Maintenance Barrie

When comparing the cost There are simple steps that must be taken to ensure your automated garage door works efficiently for a longer lifespan. Armor Garage Door Repairs recommends the following simple maintenance services;

• Limit use; don’t use the garage door often. Constant movement on the garage door parts can make them faulty quickly, which requires expensive replacement.

• Inspection; it’s important to check how the garage door and its parts function. Inspection can help you know a problem and fix it before the issue worsens.

• Clear tracks and hardware; dirt accumulation is the number one factor that causes the rails to be off track. Cleaning regularly to remove debris prevents this problem.

• Lubricating; moving parts must be lubricated to reduce stress on rollers and the door opener – don’t put in a lot of it.

• Testing the door balance; it’s imperative to balance the door springs so that they can open and close smoothly. An unbalanced spring can cause the garage opener to work twice as hard, decreasing its lifespan.

• Testing the auto reserve; testing if the safety works perfectly is also important. The door will quickly reverse to close up when they detect an obstacle.

• Replacing the weather-stripping; keeps cold water and debris from entering the garage – loose ones should be replaced.

• Clean and paint; garage doors usually take a beating from external elements. It’s, therefore, imperative to paint and clean the door to keep it in great shape.

Benefits of Automatic/Electrical Garage Doors

These doors are a luxury plus a necessity. Here’s a list of benefits you’ll enjoy:

• Convenient; allows you to operate the door from your car automatically. This comes in handy, especially during bad weather. Plus, they are easy to operate.

• Lighting; installing automatic garage doors comes with inbuilt lighting that illuminates your park.
• Security; they’re known

for their high-level security features. They include rolling modes and vacation modes, among other features, which provide the much-needed security for your car.

• Safety; there’s no worry at the back of your mind about the door coming down to crush you. It also uses less energy.

Installing and Fitting New Automatic Garage Door

These garage doors provide efficiency. If you’re thinking of installing a new automatic garage door, then Armor Garage Door Repairs is the right firm. Being in the industry for a while now, we’ve forged meaningful relationships with manufacturers who give us discounts on garage doors and parts.

This means that the overall cost of your installation and fittings is reduced. Moreover, our contractors take continuous training in additional skills that can help them provide reputable services. Reach out to us today for more information or a quote.

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