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A garage door represents an area of security and an entrance to your home. It stands to reason then that when the said door is in a state of disrepair, your home automatically becomes compromised.

Here’s a look at some of the elements we focus on and the scope of the jobs we perform when we repair a garage door. Service excellence is what we do.

As simple as it may sound here, there is an extensive amount of technical expertise required to carry out the job successfully. Therefore, Barrie garage door repairs should always be carried out by a professional.

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Elements of a Garage Door System Replacement

We ensure that the drive unit and track are attached correctly since we want the motor to be suspended properly. Additionally, we are familiar with track typing and ensure tracking is handled adequately, whether it’s a vertical lift, standard radius, etc.

Install & replace Garage Door Parts in Barrie

Our team can also address mounting bracket concerns, which are essential to ensuring that the pulling pressure is distributed evenly from the motor across your garage door.

The level of precision needed to perfectly align the motor in the center of the garage should not be underestimated. Of course, thanks to a qualified team that is detailed in its approach, this is never something that you need to worry about.

If the wiring to your wall switch happens to be in a state of disrepair, we are qualified to handle this too.

Maybe your garage door sensors are not working as they should. Under normal circumstances, these are meant to protect objects and people from getting stuck under the door. After all, the sensors stop the door from completely descending whenever it detects objects in the way.

Finally, we can address any connection problems between your garage door and its opening system.

Garage Door Opener Types Covered in Barrie

Our team can handle garage door opener replacement effectively and efficiently. Here’s a look at the opener types we work with.

Chain Drive

These motors are so named because they have a chain connecting the motor to the trolley. These designs happen to be quite budget-friendly, but with metal-to-metal contact and the kinds of vibrations present, they are very noisy.

Belt Drive

With a rubber belt replacing the chain, you get a quieter experience from these.

Screw Drive

This is the noisiest of garage door openings because the trolley traverses a threaded steel rod rotated by the motor. However, since the composition is less complex than other alternatives, maintenance is easier.

Jackshaft Drive

Jackshaft openers are best suited to large doors and being mounted on the side means overhead space is free for storage. While they operate quite efficiently, they are more expensive than other opener types.

Direct Drive

It gets no quieter than a direct drive opener. That’s because the only moving part is found in the traveling motor carriage. They are incredibly durable and tend to come with lifetime warranties.

Why Choose Armor Garage Door Repairs

What makes Armor Garage Door Repairs the best choice for when do you need a professional to repair a garage door? Service excellence is the answer to that question. We have a qualified and extensively experienced set of technicians who handle repairs expertly.

They are professional, keep you informed every step of the way, and success is assured. Call (705) 302-0900 for all your Barrie garage door repairs.

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