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Armor Garage Door Repairs

Replace Your Garage Door Cables

Torsion cables on a garage door are important components that help open or close the garage door. Over time, the torsion cables can snap, leaving you stranded with a trapped car inside. In such a situation calling a garage door expert would suffice.

Armor Garage Door Repairs are experienced and knowledgeable regarding garage doors. Our experts can fix just about anything.

Let’s get started on some of the services we do.

Garage Door Cables

Repair Garage Door Cables and Springs

Repairing garage door tension springs is not an easy fix. It requires expertise. The right tools and steps can repair damaged cables and springs back to their original stature. Hiring Armor Garage Door Repairs is a top priority.

We’ll first measure to get a rough estimate of your springs, then measure the width and length of your garage door.

These measures will help us buy the best cables with the right 7X19 inches of lift and a double-life spring. We use a set of unwinding springs to unwind the springs after loosening up the screws.

Disconnect from the center bracket and secure the torsion tube to remove the old spring. Put in the new one and secure it with bolts and screws. Armor Garage Door Repairs does a stand-up job when it comes to spring replacement.

The Purpose of Garage Door Cables

Garage cables are used by extension and torsion springs to help the door move up and down smoothly. They’re usually placed on each side of a garage door. It also helps in moving the weight of the door.

If a cable snaps, it adds additional stress on the other cable, eventually leading to its failure. Replacing the cables will only require the expertise our contractors have. We provide the best service each time we conduct cable replacements.

Using a vice grip, we’ll hold the door in place while taking the old cable out, removing all tension on the door by unwinding and unscrewing bolts. After it’s done, we loosen the bolts at the cable drum and then remove the snapped cable.

We’ll also remove the lag screw at the bottom of the bracket. Afterward, we remove the bottom bracket and the cable to install new ones and thread them to the cable drum on both sides of the door. Turning the drum clockwise will make the cables tighten, and then we finish off by screwing everything back in place.

New Cables and Track Installation

Installing cables and tracks may look like a simple job for DIY enthusiasts, but it can quickly become a huge project if the right steps are not taken. It’s always better to have Armor Garage Door Repairs as it’s a money-saving option in the long run.

Whether you need replacement garage door springs or a new track system, the armor garage team does it all. products are made by premium manufacturers that we put our 100% trust in.

Our fast response time to garage repair needs has put us in a position to become a client’s fun favorite among the rest.

We don’t stop there; we advise our clients on the best ways to use the garage door to ensure it doesn’t have any recurring problems.

Contact us today at (647) 932-7107 to get information and a quote. We’re always here to serve you.


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