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Garage Door Track Repair

Popularly known as the rail, the garage door track is the component bolted on your wall and will suspend on the ceiling. It allows the door to ride along as it goes up and down. The rails get off the track causing the garage door to be out of service.

Garage doors that aren’t functioning are a dart, as they leave your home exposed to intruders and trap your car inside. The good news is that Armor Garage Door Repairs can easily fix this problem.

We also know a thing or two about how you can prevent the problem from recurring. Here are some repair services we provide.

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Misaligned or Bent Track Repair

The garage door track can be misaligned or bent due to its weight and constant use. Over time, parts of a track can wear out, causing the door to bend or misalign. Additionally, it can be due to the accumulation of dirt and sand, among other grit mechanisms – making it stop working altogether.

Armor Garage Door Repairs can help you fix bent garage door tracks. Firstly, we’ll loosen the bolts to straighten the track.

The bent area is hammered back using a unique claw hammer. If that doesn’t work, we’ll install new tracks. It’s, therefore, important to not try and use your garage door while its track is bent.

Garage Door Track & Roller Replacement

Changing your rollers is one way you can upgrade your garage door. Knowing when to replace garage door rollers is imperative. Basically, it would be best to change them after their lifespan has elapsed.

Replacing the roller can be a dangerous affair if not done correctly. It can cause door jacking, jamming, and falling which can cause property damage or injury. Therefore, getting a professional service from Armor Garage Door Repairs is essential as we have the right tools and expertise to achieve exceptional services.

Garage Door Hardware

Knowing the right track radius of a garage door will assist you in not getting the wrong one that can cause damage. When there’s damage, the best way to go about it is to call an Armor Garage Door Repairs expert. Here is what we do when the garage door hardware has problems:

Door Track Angle

There are two types of angles; continuous angle (faces away from the door) and reverse angle (faces towards the door). The reverse angle needs to be two inches wider than the opening. Your garage door angle needs to be 90 degrees to the opener; call the best expert in the game to help you return it to its original angle.

Jamb Bracket

It keeps the garage door connected by keeping the rollers fastened. If they are not in place or have a few bolts on them, it can remove the rollers from their position. When you see your garage door not folding, call us immediately to fix the jamb brackets

Garage Door Track Assembly

The track assembly consists of T-rails, belt or chain, front idler brackets, and traveler’s assembly. It guides the section of the garage door while raising and lowering. If you have problems with the track assembly, it’s only right to call Armor Garage Door Repairs to assess the problem and fix it.

Proficient Services for Any Garage Door Issue

Whether it’s your roller or hardware, Armor Garage Door Repairs is the best place to get your repair service in Woodbridge, Ontario. We have high-tech tools and trained technicians with years of experience working on different garage door track types.

It has given us an edge over other competitors as we can easily fix any garage door problems. Reach out to us for this and other garage door-related problems.


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To fix a bent garage door track, you must loosen the track’s bolts, straighten the track, and repair the bending using a claw hammer

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