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Garage Door Sensors Replacement

Installing safety sensors on a garage door opener is a faster and safer way of accessing your garage area. Most garage manufacturing companies are incorporating these sensors into their garage door openers. With that, the door cannot accidentally crush your car or a person.

It will cut off the closing circuit of the system when it detects an obstruction. The safety sensor may sometimes fail to work and may need you to call Armor Garage Door Repairs to the rescue.

 We repair broken sensors to revitalize them back to their original condition.

secure and monitor your garage door  receive real-time notifications when your garage door is opening or closing.

Garage Door Sensors Replacement

How Do I Know if My Garage Door Sensor Is Bad?

There are a few signs that you can determine to show that the safety sensors are faulty:

Light Indicators

This is an easy way to tell if your sensors are misaligned. Check if the exterior LED lights are blinking when you try to close the door. If it’s a green light, that means your safety sensors are working alright, but if it’s red, it means your safety sensors are out of alignment. Try inspecting the brackets or tightening the screws. If it turns green and stops blinking, you’ve fixed the misalignment.

Dirty Lenses

The safety sensors can fail to operate due to dirt and spider web accumulation blocking the sensor’s view. Wiping off dirt can get your sensor back to working normally. If you reside in an awfully dusty area, you must regularly clean your garage door safety sensors.

Damaged Wires

Over time, there may be wear and tear on wires due to regular use, pests, and weather conditions. To determine if your safety sensors are not functioning well due to rain, pests, and the use of tools, you can check indicators of tampering like chew marks and water damage – if found, you must replace them.

armor garage door experts are trained and skilled, so they know where to look to determine and understand problems.

Install Safety Garage Door Sensors

Installing the garage door safety sensors requires adjusting the devices and paying attention to the wiring. The steps professionals take to secure the sensors in place are involving and can confuse you.

Getting help from Armor Garage Door Repairs will suffice. They have the equipment to easily secure the sensor into the brackets, locate the extended wiring, pull them apart, and secure the sensors in a staple gun, among other critical steps in the installation process.

Garage Door Parts Replacement

Some parts should never miss on your garage door. They may seem minor, but they spruce up the overall experience of the garage door. Here’s a list of some of them:


There are many safety tools you can install on your garage door opener, but the most common one is the sensors. It helps prevent accidents, so you’re vulnerable to accidents if it’s not working per se. Get help quickly when you find out your sensors aren’t working.


How can I add a universal remote to work with my existing garage door opener? It’s simple; Armor Garage Door Repairs can help you connect these two devices to your opener and have a working remote in minutes.

Door Panel

There are two types: sectional and single panel doors. The two types are different from each other in how they operate, which means if they need repairs, Armor Garage Door Repairs will incorporate different techniques.

Top-Notch Services from Armor Garage Door Repairs

Getting a one-stop-shop that’s enabled to offer repair services of all garage door parts is convenient and somewhat money-saving. Armor Garage Door Repairs is the first place to think of when you have any garage door repair needs.

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